We’re back from our winter hibernation!


Yes, the TwoCanoe crew goes into hibernation along with many of our woodland friends. In fact, it seems like we went into hibernation a little early last year. But this was not for lack of getting out there, but getting in here…on the computer. Fortunately, our winter hiatus is over and we are back in action.

What do we have in store for this camping season? Well, we are going to reminisce about our end of season trips from last year. We have recipes, videos, gear reviews, tips, etc. We are also very eager to revisit our online wilderness community!

We are glad to be back and can’t wait to enjoy this season’s camping adventures with you all!


The TwoCanoe Crew
Ellen, Michelle, André & Anthony

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About TwoCanoe

Who are we? We are long term friends Michelle, André, Ellen and Anthony. A love of canoeing and a passion for the great outdoors has brought us to share our experiences, knowledge and advice on how to enjoy Ontario’s Wilderness. In turn we have created Two Canoes, a medium in which to record our adventures and share them with you. What will you find on Two Canoes? A little bit of everything. Videos, photos, reviews, tips and advice based on our experiences. Not only do we want this information to be helpful, but we hope to entertain you along the way as well.

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