Break out the Jiffy Pop and Smores!

We couldn’t go on our recent trip without capturing some moments on video. What you’ll see is pretty much a combination of reality tv and the Blair Witch…..minus the tv drama, the never to be seen witch, the $1,000,000 winning’s or the critical acclaim. I guess the only similarity then would be the awkward close ups and my unsteady camera hands.

There are two parts below, covering our 3-day trip in Algonquin this past weekend. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Break out the Jiffy Pop and Smores!

    • I wasn’t worried about bears that day. I’m very proactive when it comes to preventing wildlife from visiting my tent at night. For example, I use a food barrel or hang a food bag at least 100 m from my tent, I don’t wear any perfumes or strong deodorants but first and foremost, I like to leave some fish or fragrant food under Anthony’s tent. If a bear does stop by, it’ll have no reason to bother me if it’s preoccupied with getting at that food

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