Are we too old for campfire stories?

I’ve always loved a good campfire story, especially a scary one. When I was young I remember sitting around the campfire at my Aunts cottage as she told spooky and unforgettable stories. I would go to bed later and every sound made me think a ghost was scuttling across the floor. It’s nearly 17 years later and I still remember those nights. It’s fun to be scared sometimes isn’t it, even as an adult?

At the end of a long day, after doing hours of paddling and portaging, wouldn’t it be nice to sit around the fire with a warm cup of hot chocolate and take turns telling ghost stories? I personally don’t know any stories, and don’t trust that I can make something up on the spot, but that brings me to my next question, am I too old for camp stories? Or does that part of you never get old? Would you feel weird reading out loud to a bunch of adults? Sometimes after a long day you’re almost too tired to make idle chit chat. Wouldn’t it be nice to sink into your camp chair and listen to a frightening tale?

I think you’re never too old, it’s ok to be frightened by a spooky story, to run to your tent and bury your face in your sleeping bag. Let your imagination run wild, it’s all a part of coming together at the end of the day. So go grab a flashlight, hold it under your chin and tell some scary stories around your next campfire.

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