Saving our Planet, One Step at a Time

It had been way too long since my last challenge so this February, I made my way to the lunchroom, picked up the signup sheet, and signed my name. Over 86,000 people have had the same idea so I couldn’t be that crazy… right? Only 144 floors, 1776 stairs to the top of the world! (er… make that the top of the CN tower). I had signed up for the 2012 CN Tower Team Stair Climb in support of the World Wildlife Fund.

The challenge seemed appropriate in many ways as I am a lover of group exercise and am a big supporter of saving our planet. Proceeds are directed to conservation research programs including freshwater conservation, focusing on environmental flows at the watershed scale to protect and restore river flows. Canada has 20% of the world’s freshwater supply, and by supporting these programs we can ensure the stability of Canada’s freshwater in the future.

While the fastest climbers completed their journey to the top in just over 10 minutes, my time was just slightly higher: 35 minutes and 20 seconds. A personal best! (given… it was my first climb!) The experience was challenging yet rewarding, and knowing our team was contributing over $2700 felt really great.

I’m glad I was able to participate and am looking forward to improving my “climb time” next year.

If you’d like to read more about WWF initiatives in Canada, or to donate to the fund, click here.

Happy Climbing!

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