If you can’t leave home without it


Are you addicted to your mobile device but the battery life prevents your from taking it on extended canoe trips? Do you hate having to carry heavy canisters of fuel for your stove when portaging or backpacking? Well, after I discovered this stove from BioLite I knew that the solution to these problems was clear!

Ok, I do not work for BioLite, nor have I used this product, so I can’t speak for its validity. However, what it claims to do is fairly interesting and for a smart phone addict like myself, it certainly charges my interest, and possibly my phone?

I try not to use my phone while I’m on a canoe trip, the point is to escape the anchors of social media, emails and apps. I like to enjoy nature and the outdoors and give it my full attention. However, sometimes you need a phone, it could be your lifeline while in an emergency situation, or it can be used in place of a camera to take photos, as I sometimes do.

Alternatively, this would be a great tool to keep your GPS charged if required during your trip, which I think is a positive for this stove. I can’t say that I’ll buy it just yet, but I will keep my eye on it and will look for more reviews from people who have.

I’d like to hear what you think of this stove, would you buy it?

Check out more at BioLites website here and don’t forget to watch the video posted above.

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