Sleep Tight

Spring camping, gotta keep warm at night, no matter how foolish you look. Although I think I look pretty damn good in this photo, for the 3.6% of me that you can see anyways! I can see why Michelle sticks around, she’s a pretty lucky girl…

Ok, all kidding aside, it was very cold on our trip to Vixen lake last weekend, the temperatures dipped below 0 (celsius) overnight. It’s important to have proper gear to avoid hypothermia and a mummy bag with a hood can help acheive sufficient warmth. This mummy bag by Marmot, the Trestles 30, is a -1 rated bag (30 Farenheit) and on it’s own it was not very warm at these temperatures. The addition of a bag liner definately made the nights sleep a little more bearable. Ellen, Anthony and Michelle all had fleece liners, I had a synthetic bag liner from Sea to Summit. Although they were all cozy in their fleece bags, I still found my sleep to be slighly uncomfortable due to the chill in the air. Regardless, I was able to sleep and we were sufficiently prepared.


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Who are we? We are long term friends Michelle, André, Ellen and Anthony. A love of canoeing and a passion for the great outdoors has brought us to share our experiences, knowledge and advice on how to enjoy Ontario’s Wilderness. In turn we have created Two Canoes, a medium in which to record our adventures and share them with you. What will you find on Two Canoes? A little bit of everything. Videos, photos, reviews, tips and advice based on our experiences. Not only do we want this information to be helpful, but we hope to entertain you along the way as well.

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